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Conquer your Sales Engineering journey! Book a consult and let's come up with a tailored engagement for your needs.


"I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Sachin Wadhawan to refine and improve our clinical solution role and processes, and it's difficult to express in just a few words how instrumental his insights and expertise have been. Sachin combines deep industry knowledge with a keen understanding of our needs, bringing his passion and practicality. His guidance has been invaluable in shaping this vital role structurally and positively influencing our team dynamics and strategic approach. His approach has increased collaboration within our sales organization and with our post-sales enablement team. This cooperative approach will facilitate our business objectives of increasing sales revenue and velocity while also improving time to revenue post-contracting. Working with Sachin is more than a professional engagement; it's an enlightening experience that will leave a lasting impact on your business. I wholeheartedly recommend Sachin to any organization looking to build or elevate their sales engineering function to support the company's objectives"

Susan Pasley VP Clinical Solutions

Working with Sachin has been a transformative experience in my journey as a Sales Engineering leader. Sachin's expertise and insightful guidance illuminated the pivotal role of cross-functional collaboration and strategic influence across the broader organization. Through his coaching, I uncovered blind spots in my leadership approach and identified significant opportunities to showcase and enhance my leadership skills. I am immensely grateful for his support and highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their leadership in Sales Engineering.

Carlos Berlanga Sr. Manager, Sales Engineering.

Conquer your Sales Engineering journey! Book a consult and let's come up with a tailored engagement for your needs.

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